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Damaged gravesites may be a health hazard.  To insure proper handling of exposed human remains, contact a professional.



If your, private, church or community cemetery experienced flood related damages we incourage you to notify your local Office of Emergency Prepardness. OEP will direct the appropriate agency to respond to your damaged cemetery.

Roselawn Monuments is a licensed, insured Louisiana Cemetery Contractor experienced in recovery, mitigation and remediation of damaged cemeteries. Shelly Roy, owner/operator of Roselawn Monuments, a licensed mortician & DMORT VI Mortuary Officer has assisted; individuals, government officials and cemeterians with remediation and restoration services to damaged cemeteries since 1976.  Our experience covers cemetery damage as results of vandelism, motor vehicle accident, hurricane, flooding, tornado and the ravages of time.
1976 Chessland Cemetery Restoration ( Private Cemetery Sumter Co. AL)
1985 Restoration of  Renfroe Family Section of Historic Ramsey Cemetery)  
1994 Flood Albany Ga.  (Recovery processing & reburial)
1999 Hurricane Flyod Tarboro, SC (Recovery, processing & reburial)
2002  Baton Rouge, LA Historic Magnolia Cemetery (Recovery/Reburial of damaged vaults as a result of motor vehicle accident)
2003  Baton Rouge, LA Historic Magnolia Cemetery ( Repaired Historic Gravesites & Memorials damaged as result of                  storm damage)
2004  Restoration of Pollard Plott Historic Sweet Olive Cemetery
2005 Hurricane Katrina (Recovery processing casualties, burial vaults & caskets displaced due to flooding)
2005 Hurricane Rita (Advised and assisted OEP & Coroners offices in recovery, identification and reburial of caskets, burial vaults & remains, displaced by flooding in Vermilion, Cameron & Calcasieu, setup Family Assisstance Centers.
2008 Hurricane Ike( Advised Vermilion OEP & Coroners Offices, for recovery of 11 cemeteries damaged by flooding              Contracted with Vermilion Police Jury to  recovered displaced vaults, performed identification services, reburial of displaced vaults)  
Post Hurricane Rita & Current Volunteer Advisory to Vermilion OEP and consulted with several affected cemeteries providing storm mitigation recommendations.
Discovered and developed system for matching burial vaults with displaced memorial work to aid in identification. 

Hurricane Ike Vermilion Parish
Roselawn Monuments participated in the Hurricane Ike Cemetery Mitigation and Recovery of 11 Vermilion Parish Cemeteries.  The affected cemeteries were:  Beard Family, Banker, Briggs, Mouton Cove, Rosehill, Delino, Landry, St. James, Broussard, Suire, LeMaire.  The damages ranged from displced Caskets & Burial Vaults to graves floated ( lids raised by water rising inside the burial vaults), memorial work swept off of gravesites.  In total some 60 gravesites were disturbed or damaged by the rapidly rising surge waters of Hurricane Ike.  Currently there are two missing caskets from the Rosehill Cemetery, all other displaced caskets are believed to have been recovered and reburied.  The Vermilion Parish Office of Coroner and Vermilion Parish Police Jury contracted with Roselawn Monuments to perform the cemetery storm mitigation and recovery.    The work was completed in Mid October.

$ 500.00 Reward
Roselawn Monuments will pay a reward of $500.00 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone vandalizing a cemetery property registered with Roselawn Monuments. 
For more information on adding your cemetery to our reward program Contact Shelly Roy at Roselawn Monuments.  This service is free to all.