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Granite Benches are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.
Honor & Memorial Benches 
Instead of a small brass plaque consider a functional memorial to honor a loved one, or collegue. 
 Practical, economical and functional, Honor and Memorial Benches engraved with names, dates and meaningful symbols create a functional memorial that can be used in a variety of settings from a Home Memory Garden, Public or Private Cemeteries, Parks, Civic Buildings, Schools, Churches, Hospice, Hospitals or almost any venue. 
Cremation Benches 
The Solid Pedistal Bench Memorials can also be desigend as a secure dry sanctuary for temporary or permanante storage for one or multiple cremation urns for memorial use in a private home garden or cemetery setting.

Memorial Benches 
Home Garden, Civic Memorial Dedications or Cemetery use.

Benches/Campbell.JPG Benches/Kelly.JPG Benches/Keller.JPG Benches/MAWSON.JPG
Benches/KELLER.JPG Benches/Butler.jpg Benches/Sharkey.JPG Benches/ELKINS.JPG
Benches/COLEMAN.JPG Benches/Bench.JPG Benches/100_0090.JPG

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If your bench is going to be placed in a public venue inquire about Roselawn Monument Partnering Program for Honor Benches. 

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