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Custom Sportsman's Memorial Ledger
Louisiana Style Tomb was lowered and solid concrete slab and granite work installed.

Covering/Wrapping of your existing burial sites with solid granite will permanantly eleminate routine high maintenance associated with gravesite care.

With the passing of time routine gravesite maintenance may be getting more difficult  each passing year.   Roselawn can reduce if not eliminate the worry associated with routine maintenance of your gravesite or that of your loved one.  Our Gravesite Granite Wrap will eliminate the need for scraping, re painting and repair of gravesites.  Concrete burial vaults exposed to the element require frequent attention.  By having a Granite Wrap installed you can put an end to the routine hassel of gravesite maintenance.
Each gravesite is somewhat unique and therefore requires an onsite evaluation in order to furninsh an accurate quote.  If you are interested contact us for a free no obligtion quote. 

Woolfolk Site
Before Granite Wrap
See the picture to the lower left for the Before V
Completed Woolfolk Maintenance Free Granite Wrap