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The reasons for choosing cremation are as diverse as they are personal.  The method of final disposition of cremated remains vary from keeping the cremains at home in an urn, or private garden setting,  traditional burial in a cemetery plot, placement in a columbarium or scattering in a place that holds special meaning.  
Establishing a permanent place of rememberance provides family, friends and future generations a special location to pay tribute to those we hold dear, who we loved and lost.

The desire to be remembered lies deep within us all.  It is the age-old reason people carve their initials in trees, place their hands in wet cement, and chalk their names on rocks.  They want to leave their mark and be remembered.

Virtually every civilization in the history of man has devised a way to remember their dead.  We want to remember those we've loved and lost, not only for them but for ourselves; to mend, to heal, to love and to never forget. 



Roselawn Monuments offers families choosing cremation over traditional burial a variety of cremation memorial options including:  markers*, monuments*, columns*, personal*, family*, estate and community columbarium specifically designed to permanently house, protect and memorialize the cremated remains of your loved one.
*Items in current inventory. 


Cremation Pillar
Cremation Pillar

$2250.00 Installed

Price includes Names and dates at time of installaiton, delivery and installtion within 65 miles of Baton Rouge.

Not included are any cemetery fees. 

 Cemetery or Home Garden

Double Columbarium

Cremation Marker
Single, Double, Triple

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Cremation Pedestals
Custom Designs Available

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Individual & Estate Columbarium

Columbaria/8niche.jpg Columbaria/6niche.jpg Columbaria/4nichestatue.jpg Columbaria/4niche.jpg
Columbaria/2nicheblack.jpg Columbaria/2niche.jpg

Columbarium/475.jpg Columbarium/20.jpg Columbarium/6.jpg Columbarium/c2na.jpg
Columbarium/Cremdove.jpg Columbarium/c1.jpg Columbarium/4-niche-picture.jpg

Cremation Benches

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Church & Community Cloumbarium

Burial within the church or in an adjacent churchyard was once a common practice.  Historically Christians from the earliest time have buried their dead in the consecrated areas in close proximity to their place of worship where they could be remembered and their remains safeguarded.  Church Columbarium and Scattering Gardens are sacred places and a unique opportunity for churches to provide members a affordable permanent interment and memorialization option for families choosing cremation. If your church is intested in establishing a Columbarium or Scattering Garden click on the link above and request additional information. 

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