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Many cemeteries with marble and limestone gravestones in the greater Baton Rouge area are exibiting deterioration due to exposure to the elements.  Some evidence of delamination and sugaring is present in many of our historic gravestones.  Any attempt to do rubbings or cleaning may cause damage.  Until such a time these conditions are stabilized by a professional consolidation technique, it is recommended they be left alone.
Stone Memorials are quite heavy and may be dangerous if foundations have become unstableExtreme Caution is required when approaching these memorials. 
The use of improper technique or appropriate cleaning materials may cause irreversible damage to monuments.
Many a well meaning individuals' attempt at cleaning and repair have rendered gravestones in conditions which accelerate deterioration or make proper repairs more difficult or totally impossible 
If you have a memorial that needs special attention we recommend you take the time necessary to learn proper conservation techniques and obtain approved materials or make an appointment for a free consultation and initial evaluation of your project. ( Free consultation available only within 50 mile radius of Baton Rouge)
For more information please consult with our memorial
restoration specialist. 
 "Time conquers all."  This is true for monuments and memorials as well. Although nothing will last forever, routine maintenance and when necessary,  the use of proper conservation techniques and materials for cleaning and repair will  preserve the memorial for many future generations .

Foundation Work
Evaluation and consultation services for individuals, civic organizations,  municipal and private cemeteries.

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