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Little is required to keep your memorial looking great. Use of products specifically designed to clean memorial work will not only enhance the look of your memorial it will help protect it from the elements.  

Cleaning Your Memorial
Household cleaners containing detergents and bleaches are not designed for  cleaning of memorial work and may damage the finish of your memorial.  Bleach or products containing bleach may cause permanent discolorations on granite and will damage the surface of marble work and may the surface to additional deterioration.  
Roselawn Monuments uses  BioWash & D2 exclusively.  Bio Wash is a biodegradable preparation designed specifically for  memorial and masonary applications.  

In addition to an approved cleaner use only soft natural bristle brushes to avoid damaging the memorial surface. Use of high pressure washers by individauls not trained in cleaning memorial work are not advised and can result in permanent damage to your memorial. 
If you wish to have a trained, insured professional clean your memorial call and ask for Shelly.