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Memorial Purchase & Installation
You have a right to choose who will install your memorial. Cemeteries may not require you to purchase your memorial from them and they can not prohibit installtion by a licensed memorial dealer with proper insurance coverage regardless of where it was purchased.
 Federal Sherman Anti-Trust Act
The Federal Sherman Anti-Trust Act prohibits cemeteries from limiting your choice of memorial provider or prohibiting installation of memorial work purchased from a licensed Monument Dealer.
Misrepresentations or false statements by cemetery salespeople stating you must purchase your memorial from the cemetery or that only the cemetery can install memorial work is a violation of federal law and is subject to penalties and fines of up to $10,000.00 per occurance. 
Cemeteries may establish reasonable rules and regulations governing installation of memorials.  If the cemetery does not install your memorial work they are entitled to charge a reasonable fee for inspection based on actual labor for inspection of  the memorial and installation.  Once the memorial and installation are inspected and accepted the Cemetery will become responsibile for memorial.  If the memorial is damaged by cemetery maintenance crews or equipment  the cemetery is responsible for the damages.
YOU have the right to choose who will furnish and  install your memorial work.  As a Consumer YOU may be entitled to actual and puntitive damages from cemeteries that violate your right of choice.  
For additional information contact one of the agencies listed below or your local attorney.